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Historic Formula 3 – 500cc

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Historic Formula 3 – 500cc

The F3-500 will without a doubt be one of the crowd favorites of the upcoming Historic Grand Prix. It is the class in which the famous drivers of the 1940s and 1950s learned racing: Stirling Moss was the most prominent representative, but also Peter Collins, Ivor Bueb, Les Leston, Ken Tyrrell and Bernie Ecclestone raced in the 500ccs.

The “500s” began in 1946 as a way for “impecunious enthusiasts” to start racing 500cc engines instead of the larger displacement engines that predominated before the war. It couldn’t be simpler: the tubular frame that could be lifted with one hand, a little engine in the back (usually from JAP or Norton) to keep the plumbing as simple as possible, narrow wheels, and drift around the track. The idea caught on and was adopted as the new Formula 3. A year after the opening of Circuit Zandvoort, in 1949, this immensely popular class was already coming to Holland!

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