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The Historic Grand Prix is the number one historic racing event in the Netherlands. Bucket-list material for all motorsport enthusiasts, drivers or event visitors. Go back in time to the racing world of the past. From all the classic cars, the decoration, the music, to the food at our foodcourts: the Historic Grand Prix is a unique experience that is way more than just the racing.

Historic Grand Prix 2024



Friday June 21

On Friday, June 21, the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort will be setting the stage for a very large number of competing historical cars on Circuit Zandvoort. Go back in time and imagine yourself in the entourage of an open-air museum. Besides spectacular and special demonstration runs, the Historic Grand Prix is a guarantee for full competitive grids and thrilling duels!

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Saturday June 22

On Saturday, June 22, the Historic Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort will play host to a mix of international top-level racing series. Get ready for an exciting day of  Masters Racing Legends, historic Formula 2, Formula 3 and much more!

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Sunday June 23

Sunday is race day! Besides a collection of cars with a unique race history that can be admired on Sunday, June 23th, the Dutch seaside will come alive during the final day of the Historic Grand Prix with the legendary drivers’ parade, entertaining demonstrations, and a strong grid in various appealing racing classes.

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Travel back in time at the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort, on 21, 22 & 23 June. Enjoy historic dream cars from the Formula class, Le Mans and a solid number of ‘touring cars’ and GTs.

Take a quick look at which racing classes will participate during the Historic Grand Prix 2024!

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"Back to 1985"

To get you in the mood, we take you back to the year 1985 when Niki Lauda won the Dutch Grand Prix, leaving behind Alain Prost (2nd) and Ayrton Senna (3rd). A year in which the Opel Kadett was the best-selling car in the Netherlands and there were number one hits by Madonna, Mick Jacker, Sting and Bruce Springsteen, among others.

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