Historic Grand Prix Cars Association (HGPCA)

Historic Grand Prix Cars

Preserving the heritage of the titanic machines and their courageous drivers.

Historic Grand Prix Cars

The Historic Grand Prix Cars Association guarantees cars from the early years of Formula 1 up to and including 1965. Cars from legendary manufacturers such as Cooper, Brabham, Lotus, HWM and Aston Martin are on the grid.

See below for the whole list of cars that participated in 2022:

MG K319341086s
Talbot Lago T2619484482
Cooper Bristol Mk 219531971
Cooper Bristol MkII19531971
Cooper Bristol T2319531971
Cooper Bristol Mk II19531971
Maserati 250F 251619552494
Maserati 250F 252119562493
Maserati 250F CM519572500
Lister Jaguar Monza GP19583781
Lotus 18 90719602500
Cooper T5119592085
Cooper T5319602495
Cooper T5319602462
Cooper T45/5119602495
Cooper T5119592495
Cooper T5319602495
Cooper T4319571500
Cooper T4519581475
Cooper T4519581500
Cooper T4519581960
Cooper T4519581960
Cooper T4519581960
LDS F119611470
Lotus 21 939/95219611498
Heron F119601488
Lotus 18 90819611500
Lotus 1819611500
Brabham BT1419651498
Cooper T71/7319641498
Brabham BT1119641500
Cooper T6019621500
Lotus 24 94719621494
BRM P26119641498
Cooper T66 F119631495
Brabham BT419622495
Cooper T53 Low Line19612498
Lotus 18 91519612500
Brabham BT419632700
Brabham BT3/419622497

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