Racing between 1964 and 1970

Historic Formula 3 – 1000cc

One of the showpieces of international motorsport

Historic Formula 3 – 1000cc

Zandvoort has a rich history of international Formula 3 racing. The 1,000 cc Formula 3 was one of the showpieces of international motorsport in the period 1964 – 1970. The large, competitive starting fields counted many talented drivers, who became top drivers in Formula 1, in Le Mans, and in other racing classes. Every year the class landed on the Zandvoort circuit with a large, international starting field.

In 1964, the first 1,000cc Formula 3 race ended in a win for Jackie Stewart. A year later he was already racing in Formula 1. Stewart won three Formula 1 world titles and also won the Dutch Grand Prix three times. Rob Slotemaker signed for a Dutch success in 1964, landing on the third step of the podium of honor.

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