Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort to open Classic Car Parking on beach road

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort to open Classic Car Parking on beach road

Visitors of the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort who arrive with a classic car are welcome to use the Classic Car Parking. On September 7 and 8 the beach road between Holland Casino and Palace Hotel will be turned into an open-air museum of cars built before 1986. E-tickets can be ordered on this page.

“Every year, we are getting a lot of requests from passionate afficionados, who want to come to the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort with their classic cars,” says Erik Weijers, C.O.O. of Circuit Park Zandvoort. “All year long, this area is accessible for pedestrians only, but during the Historic Grand Prix, it will be converted into an exclusive parking location for cars of 30 years and above.”

On September 7 and 8, a shuttle service with classic coach busses between the parking area and the main entrance of Circuit Park Zandvoort will be in operation. The bus ride, an experience in itself, is free for all visitors of the Historic Grand Prix. Weijers: “We will make the Classic Car Parking an event in itself.”

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Groups and clubs are welcome
Every individual visitor with a classic car built before 1986 is more than welcome. Owners of historic cars who want to visit the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort as a group or on behalf of a car club and want to park their cars together can do so after consultation. The Classic Car Parking is open on September 7 and 8 from 8 am till 10 pm. During the opening hours, security is in operation. The daily rate for parking on the Classic Car Parking is ten Euros per car per day.